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Because I got tagged twice. :I Somehow, LilBluestem managed to tag me with Ana for this without me realizing it. I guess that's something which happens if you tag people after you've submitted a thing? (Un)Fortunately, Sockless-Sheep ended up double-tagging me, so I kind of have to do this? Yeah I know I don't have to if I don't want to.

So, RavensHiddenSoul decided to tag me again for this, so I'll try and add another 8 acts about Ana. I'm going to run out of facts at this rate. I need more OCs. It also doesn't help that I keep forgetting what I want to write down. I:< Please don't tag me again, doing these last eight was already very difficult.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 16 24 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters
I won't be doing that.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars. I won't be doing that either.

Uuuh how am I going to do this... Where are my notes...

Late as in I should've done this after Lil tagged me late.
1.  Ana doesn't consider herself to be a heroine. She is a superpowered guard who occasionally tries to help people "for free" - and even if she helps people "for free", she still believes it is not out of altruism. Instead, it creates a "debt" to the person she helped where said person doesn't try to screw her over. Ana doesn't hold people to these debts (again, she thinks they're repaying her by not alerting the police to her presence and such actions), but it is how she thinks the world works.

2. At her darkest, Ana would suggest that the only reason she 'joined' the Titans is because she believes she could defeat them if she tried to defect or go rogue - the same could not be said for the Justice League (I know too little about Doom Patrol to make a verdict on that group). Likewise, she would say she picked the side of "good" because it's the side less likely to backstab her, instead of some inherent need to help people. She would've remained neutral if she could, but the world doesn't allow her to make that choice. I should note that this is again something she believes and not the complete truth. She needs the Titans more than the Titans need her.

3. If presented with the moral, "with great powers comes great responsibility", Ana's retort would be that before responsibility, great power brought great corruption. When presented with "evil wins if good people do nothing", Ana's retort would be to question whether the person stating it is in fact a "good person" or questioning whether they fight for a good cause. Evil is fond of masquerading as 'good', after all.

4. Ana's tendency of wearing thick socks is because she isn't quite used to the sensitivity of human feet. Her only other experience with 'leg limbs' is hooves. In addition, thick socks do help absorb sudden stop impact when teleporting. Ana may in fact be quite ticklish, but her response to being tickled would be to emit a short outburst and suddenly grow insensitive irregular scales on the places tickled.

5. Although Ana does not want to talk about it, she has spent around six months in Arkham Asylum. At this time, she wasn't yet known  as 'Anathema' (instead going by the alias 'Wendigo' and possibly 'Wendy Works' as an impromptu name / misunderstanding by Arkham staff). Certain behaviours, such as hiding her abhorrent features, not trusting government officials and a need for secrecy were either developed there or worsened.

6. Ana has a tendency to not take credit for the heroics she does or undervaluing them. It is partly due to not wanting to be noticed and partly because she doesn't think of herself as a heroine. Praise does not fill a stomach.

7. Ana's immediate family is rather large. She has two older brothers (twins, may or may not be half-brothers by her mother's side), two younger half-brothers (again twins, by her father's side), an older cousin, a very mischievous uncle and a myriad of little siblings (she tried counting them, but stopped at "a thousand"). Most of her family has left the house though. At least, that's what she remembers.

8. What Ana remembers about her previous life and family isn't wrong per sé, but there is a translation step involved which makes everything a lot more acceptable / understandable for human understanding. However, this step does omit quite a few details without providing a plausible alternative. For instance, she cannot remember what their faces look like and generally panics if forced to remember.

9. Due to the nature of her powers, Ana's physiology has some interesting quirks. For instance, Ana is much less susceptible to things like hypothermia because most of her body isn't within three-dimensional time-space (and thus not subject to freezing temperatures). This also extends to thirst, hunger or needing to breathe, but if Ana doesn't she'll become more and more lethargic until she starts hibernating until the stars are right. Ana isn't aware of this (and does feel hunger and thirst). It's not something I'd like to focus on because, as with many of her Great Old One traits, I'm afraid it'll make her overpowered.

10. Ana can stay awake for a maximum of 48 hours (with severe nodding off and snapping to during the last few hours). After that, she crashes and sleeps for an entire day. However, she can only last this long if she spends much of the time doing little more than watching a place. Strenuous activity, such as crime fighting, greatly shortens the time span she can be awake.

11. A secondary requirement Ana has for using her drones is that she has a very well developed multitasking ability (beyond humanly possible, technically speaking). Ana could man a five-player team on her own in a video game - for about five minutes. After that, thinking hurts.

12. Although Ana has the power to destroy cities, she can't do it outright as this might imply. Instead, she would tactically tear down important buildings' loadbearing walls and foundation, then rapidly move onto a next target building through teleporting as it falls (making cities with skyscrapers more susceptible than small villages). The ensuing chaos and panic (important building include emergency services) would result in more destruction than Ana initially did. Ana is very scared of this possibility.

13. Although she won't show it (and does sort of understand why), people being creeped out by her more unnatural features does hurt her. Aside from her experiences in Arkham (she did notice how Killer Croc was handled), it makes her feel like she cannot be accepted for who she is and reinforces the idea she isn't part of humanity. Not even the part which is green, from outer space, or half-metal.

14. It is safe to feed Ana after midnight. But not on a new moon. It's still not a good idea to get her wet though.

15. Ana's favorite movie type is horror. She may have a fondness for giant monster movies due to her experiences in acting in them, but her favorite is horror (though she is completely creeped out by them).

16. It is not a good idea to try and hurt or control Ana through hurting her friends. Her friends are the best way you have to get Ana to back down if she's angry so if you hurt them or God forbid kill any of them she is not going to stop hunting you so yeah Slade do you really think infecting them with remote-trigger zappy nanobots is a good way to keep Ana under your control? Yeah okay you're like Batman so you won't try the same trick twice but still.

17. The magic Ana is vulnerable to specifically is a sort of Goetia, but applied to Cthulhu Mythos entities. It can be used to summon and control Ana (though the summoning isn't an instant 'poof I'm here' effect - Ana is put under compulsion to come to the summoner physically. She may teleport short distances though). Summoning Ana isn't enough to put her under your control. Creatures like Ana tend to be very strong willed and difficult to control by default, so multiple precautions are required for Ana to be safely summoned (think R. Bloch's the Shambler from the Stars if these conditions aren't met). The requirements for this are such that this would be exceedingly dark magic and, fortunately for Ana, very, very rare. Due to the presence of Trigon, most lore on summoning creatures like Ana is probably destroyed or suppressed.

18. Due to her 'job' of protecting goods or important documents, Ana's arch villain would actually be Dr. Chang (due to his villain niche of developing and selling weapons to other villains and requiring the exotic matierals Ana guards to do so). However, she personally considers Red X to be her arch-Nemesis as she can never catch the guy (don't tell her Red X was originally Robin). In general, Ana operates on a 'difficulty level' lower than most Titans despite her powers due to inexperience and tendancy to work alone (Dr. Light would actually be a challenge for her if she is not careful). If she ran into Slade, "panic" would be an understatement.

19. If Ana would have to have normal hair and eye colours, she would be a brunette with yellow eyes blue eyes, possibly with blue / brown complete heterochromia (she would lament not having "her family's eyes" if she doesn't and be rather proud of it if she does).

20. A personal headcanon I have is that at one point in the time before the Titans are actually formed, Ana meets Kole and Gnark whist guarding a warehouse. The two are fleeing pursuit from a H.I.V.E. Academy team bent on capturing them and "educating" them on being proper villains. Ana helps the two escape, but as a result gathers the attention of H.I.V.E. Academy. Multiple kidnapping "enrollment" attempts follow. It's something I'd want to make a comic about to be honest. Kole's "people just want to use me for my powers" line intrigues me.

21. Ana's favorite animal would be deer. She also has a penchant for wolves, sheep and goats.

22. Potentially, Ana could learn to become invisible and achieve a form of phasing if she further develops her powers (this is something for future / next generation development though). In addition, Ana could easily turn her 'sentry drones' into combat drones by having the tentacles quickly lash out at things or by using them to perform grab and crush or grab and hurl attacks (retreating them the moment the attack is complete). However, this would be quite the spectacle and Ana doesn't want to draw attention to herself like that (it also might cause her friends to ask some unwanted questions), so she would only do so if she was very angry. In general, Ana holds back on what she can do to prevent collateral damage and undue attention.

23. Ana's preference of fashion is actually quite modest, with some frills or ruffles attached (perhaps best described as Victorian?). Her wardrobe choices is however restricted due to the need to travel light and the chance to be attacked by villains when not working (as she lacks a secret identity). So instead, she flavors both practicality and cheapness in the clothing she wears. In addition, the use of her powers flavors bearing skin (to prevent shredding her clothes and having to replace them) and lightness (armor will prevent her from teleportation and it is not like she can afford the maintenance fees). Her sense of fashion is actually quite underdeveloped. Is it obvious I don't know what I'm talking about yet?

24. Ana's need for physical comfort is actually greater than she cares to admit. Her shyness, in addition to her less-than-ideal control over her more abhorrent features, prevent her from admitting to this need and approaching people. She does not want to be seen as a monster. Instead, she has a tendency to absolutely wrangle pillows in her sleep.
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